Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Welcome to the world, Halia!

Well, last week I blogged a wee tribute to our fallen cousin Alexa. This week, we welcome her new little sister Halia to the world. I was planning to give to her the short and sweet sweater to her...but when I saw her room decorated in pinks and chocolate browns and off whites...I knew I had to make yet another Tiramisu!
I decided to mix this one up a bit and add a polka dotted ribbon woven through the edge. I like how it turned out...but was not happy that some of the dots rubbed off as I was desperately trying to weave the ribbon through the double crochets.

And I am working on guessed it, another Tiramisu for our new neighborhood baby to be born next week. This is my first attempt at making a Tiramisu for a male. I decided to use blue for the interior, yellow for the shelled edging and weave into the double crochets white ribbon. I think that would make it "masculine" enough...I hope. We will see soon. Thanks for stopping by!

1 comment:

Needles said...

I wouldn't worry about masuline for babies. Baby Boys are too cute to need to worry.

I love the way that looks with the ribbon woven through the loops. If you were doing it again, you may want to do a treble crochet (just one more loop) for the row you weave through.

And what a simply smashing photo of you, You look maaaaavleous, as they say.