Sunday, May 25, 2008

Boteh complete

....and preschool is over for ever. I asked my son if he is gonna miss everyone and said "NO" pointing to his head, "i have got everyone up here." Too cute, I don't think the poor boy realizes that he really will not see his preschool friends and teachers again. He probably feels like it is another weekend, and he will see his friends on Monday. Just not the case. On to his teacher's gift....she absolutely loved the Boteh scarf. She could not believed that I made it with my two hands. I found this great hat box to put the scarf into. It was not made from cardboard either, this nice hard plastic. I figured it would be different than a gift bag....boring!

And I wrapped it all pretty with some pastel colored tissue paper...

I ended up using Plymouth Sockatta sock yarn that I had in my stash. I would have preferred a solid color not a color stranded yarn....but since I had it in my stash...I am not complaining. Besides...I think it came out stunning...and I also thought it was cool how the repeated motifs are almost different colors automatically. Could not have planned that even if I tried!

Here is some close ups on the stitches...

I think it does have some nice drape for a scarf...

The Gerber daisies I got from a surprise party and the azaleas are from my yard. Hope you enjoy the PINK SPRING THEME.....

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Borders Books Knit and crochet night

For about a month now, I have helped form a crochet and knitting group through Ravelry to meet at our local Borders book shop. It is so much fun. It is nice to finally have some fiber friends in real life. It started out with two of us, then four and in the last two weeks there was a total 10 of us. Our little group has certainly grew in such a little time. We meet once a week on Thursday nights...and it is a great way to almost kick of the weekend. I find myself really looking forward to Thursday nights...a time for some good crochet time, coffee time and surrounded by books and fiber friends. How fun!
I am also excited because I found a new yarn store. Well, the yarn store is not knew...but the location is. It is called The Creative Stitch. There new location is GREAT. It seems much more roomier, the lighting is 100% better, and I like the set up. Of course when visited, I had to buy something. Sometimes I feel I need to purchase something when I enter a yarn store. I dunno know why I feel this way, but I do. So...I bought three skeins of Plymouth Encore DK weight in a grey color. I also bought some Noro sock yarn in a rainbow colorway for a shawl.
I also signed up for a crochet class to make a baby kimono sweater at my LYS. It is two 3 hour sessions. One class was last weekend, and the other class is at the end of the month. There was four of us in this class, and I was the only "crocheter", the other ladies were knitters learning how to crochet. And boy, I learned a lot about it is really important to make a gauge swatch and how to correctly measure a swatch. Things I knew...but was actually shown how to do it. I didn't realize, but even if you are off just 1 or 2 stitches, it can really effect the entire size of the finished project. The suggested yarn for this project is Ella Rae baby cotton. I picked a dusty pink color...I think it is so pretty.
The teacher Kim was super. She was patient and explained the directions clearly. We have three weeks to complete the back of the sweater and the two front pieces. In the next class we will learn how to shape the arms, sew a button on and seam it up. I am looking forward to learning these finishing techniques. Eagerly awaiting the next class!

Update...Boteh scarf is coming along...only 5 more motifs and edging and I am done. It needs to be finished and blocked by Friday.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

For all the wonderful mothers out there...hope you are enjoying your day!

Have been busy on the crochet front lately...even though I am having trouble keeping up on he blog about my projects. Sorry about that....Does it count that I am constantly thinking about posting??? Anyhoo...without further a do...what have I been working on?

I am working on a Boteh scarf from Spring 2007 Interweave Knits in this sock yarn intended for a sock. It is Reggia sock yarn. Now that I am half way through with the scarf, I think I would be happier if I made it in a solid color. But, what can I do...I am stash diving!

Then I decided to make another Child's short and sweet cardigan with the recommended yarn...Lion Brand Baby Soft in Pistachio for my neighbors 18 month old girl. It is coming a long great so far. Pictured below is the completed backside, and I am finishing up the two front panels. All I have to finish is the sleeves and seams. I am also thinking about modifying the sleeves by crocheting them in the round...but we will see, I am not at that point yet.

I am still working on my second Tiramisu blanket and some baby things. I have a baby boy nephew being born in less than a month, and I just had a second cousin baby girl born. I better start finishing up these baby things now!