Monday, October 29, 2007

Red Sox Rocks

What else is there more to say?

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Tiramisu Complete

I finished the blanket a couple of nights ago. I am really happy with the results. This is one of the first finished objects that I am completely satisfied how it turned out. I loved the feel of the Bernat Tots cotton yarn that I used, it is soooo soft. It is not as heavy as I would expect a cotton blanket to be. I am super in love with the brown ribbon and the pink trim around the cream colored body of the blanket. Believe it or not, the ribbon gave me the most trouble as I was weaving it in and out of the double crochets. I am going to leave you with a bunch of pictures!!! I think I will be doing this as my signature baby blanket for all the new babies in my life! It is just so classy and it looks like something that would be bought in a boutique. Maybe it is the simplicity of the v-stitch, or it just could be the color combo. Love the brown and the pink together.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Tiramisu Baby Blanket

I am trying to be festive with these pictures.
Ultimately, what I am trying to achieve is some non boring pictures of what I have done so far on the Tiramisu Baby Blanket. I love how the stitches are coming out. The stitch is called the V stitch and it is super easy to do. Two single stitches in one chain. The stitch does become boring after a while, but as I said in my last post....I have entertainment to help me along. I have about 10 more inches left to do, then I will be starting the border in a pale pink. The body of the blanket is done in Bernat CottonTots 100 % cotton in Sweet Cream colorway. I still have to buy some matching ribbon to weave in and out of the border. Here is some more pics....

World Series 2007

Boston Red Sox Rock!!!!!!

If I am not listening to a podcast while I crochet, then I am watching the Red Sox. I got kinda used to it...since May. All summer long...AC on, fan sox on, crochet hook and yarn....what a perfect night. Even if I am not watching PerSe, then I am definitely listening to the crowd cheer and chant and the crack of the bat against a home run ball. We won the AC LS last night against the Cleveland Indians, and now we are in the race to the World Series starting on Wednesday night in Fenway Park, Boston. Home field advantage. You should see how many rows I did last night while watching the "winner takes all" games last night. Some say it was a nail biter kinda game, and I how fast and nervously I can crochet! GO SOX!!!!!!!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Winter Scarf Swap

I know I am about two weeks late on posting this, but I want to give Donna (sewnsew) from Crochetville a big THANK YOU for being such a great swap parner. I got two gorgeous scarves, some yummy Bernat Chunky Yarn, some hot cocoa, and this gorgeous purse full of stitch markers. Here are some pics...thanks so much!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Crochet Revolution

Friendly. Down to earth. Energetic. Enthusiastic. These are a few words to describe my first impressions of Kim Werker. I had the most fantastic day today celebrating the launching of Kim Werker's new book Crochet Me. I made the two and a half hour drive out to Northampton, Massachusetts to Webs America's Yarn Store for the launch. I was also way excited because it was my first time at the yarn store. And what a yarn store it is. That is an absolute understatement! More on that later., it seems that I misunderstood Kathy Elkins, owner of Webs, and thought the store opened at 12:00 P.M., two hours before the event. Hmmmmm, I was wrong. I arrived at Webs around 11:30 A.M.....and quickly found out that the store was going to open around 1:30 P.M. What is a girl supposed to do you ask? Crochet of course! I started on the Tiramisu Baby Blanket for a new baby girl named Eva. But, that only lasted for about 45 minutes and decided that I better go into town and find a bite to eat. I found this nice little cafe and ordered an apple cinnamon muffin and a mowhawk chocolate chai tea. It was super busy, so I took it to go and back with me to Webs and enjoyed it as I waited in the parking lot.

I met a very nice woman named Sharon from Connecticut. She was also waiting to get into the store. We chatted a bit about crochet and yarn. It is nice to meet an actual fiber friend that understands the craft. As an aside, I was eating dinner with my sister in law and some family last night and was trying to explain where I was going on Sunday and why. They all gave me an odd look and replied, "You are driving 2 1/2 hours to look at yarn and buy a crochet book?" They just don't get it. My 6 year old son even asked me, "How can there be a book on crochet?" But he was genuine and really did not get it. I explained to him that there are crochet patterns in a book that tells you how to make something sort of like a recipe tells you how to make dinner. I think he got it more than my in-laws..haha!

Finally around 1:15 we were allowed to come in and look around while Kim set up. It was a trunk show and tell show, and many items in the new book was on display. Also displayed was The Larger than Life Bag from Spring 2007 Interweave Crochet and the famous Babett Blanket from the Spring 2006 Interweave Crochet.

As I asked Kim if I could take her picture of her for her for my blog...she asked what is the name of my blog. Crochet Creations...and she said that she read this log before. NO FREAKING thrilling is that. The crochet goddess Kim Werker has checked out my blog. Oh, my...I felt famous for a second!! LOL.

Kim did a wonderful presentation on the different contributors and designers of the book...discussed their creations, and talked about different stitches used in each project, gauge and drape. And then the real fun began...hehhehehehehe. I got to shopping! Truth be told, I was a bit overwhelmed by my surroundings. There was yarn, yarn, and more yarn. The front room was set up like your typical yarn store....but with a lot of space :) And then there was the warehouse with all the close out deals.....

Well...of course I did not go home empty handed. But, since I did not have a certain project in mind, buying yarn was not that easy. I did not want to buy just to buy so, I bought 4 skeins of Valley Yarns in Colrain (50 % Merino, 50 % Tencel). 2 Skeins in majestic blue and 2 skeins in mauve. I bought The Spring 2006 issue of Interweave Crochet, a Addi Skacel G hook, an afghan J hook, and Eucalan wool wash. I also bought the Crochet Me book and had Kim sign it. I also got a chance to introduce myself to Kathy Elkins the owner and let her know how I listen to her every Sunday night and really enjoy her podcast. I say it was a trip well worth the effort and expense to get to participate in the Crochet Revolution with Kim Werker!!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Works in mind

Sorry that I have not blogged in a while. I have been meaning to take pictures of some stuff I have been working on...but every time I think of doing is dusk and I need the natural sunlight to take decent photos. Since I have blogged, I have bought some nice yarn. I was dying to try the new Moda Dea yarn called Bamboo Wool. Oh my...this is so soft...and has a wonderful drape. I bought the color called Chili Pepper Red. I am in the process of making my sister-in-law a scarf. She is the only person I know that wears scarfs on a regular basis. She will use it for warmth and for an accessory. On the Moda Dea website they give 8 reasons to love bamboo.
BAMBOO is an amazing fiber. Here are just a few reasons why you'll love it.
Eco-friendly – a renewable resource (Bamboo can reach a mature height of 75 feet within in two months)
Naturally anti-bacterial
Odor resistant
Breathable and cool
3 times more absorbent than cotton
Durable and strong, yet has a silky hand

I also bought some Moda Dea Silk Wool blend. I bought 6 skeins in plum to make myself a shawl. I want a shawl so I can wear in the morning when I wake up and have my coffee on my front steps. So, I need to find a pattern for a shawl that isn't too lacy. I have tried to start this shawl three times now, but I just can not find the right pattern for this yarn. It is a nice yarn that is super squishy and has a nice stretch to it. Funny, because a couple of weeks back I had bought Noro Silk Garden for a scarf. The Silk Garden that is also made up of wool and silk. I actually like Modea Dea's version a lot better. And of course I like the the price and yardage better. I was a bit disappointed in the Silk Garden. I was surprised how much I did not like the feel. Although, I do love the beautiful colorways. I really wanted to love the Silk Garden. I have read so many good things about it....but it just didn't jive with me.
My friend's sister just had a baby girl Eva and I was thinking about making her a baby blanket. Looking deep in my stash for this one. I do have some beautiful purple TLC Essentials an acrylic yarn that I think would work perfectly for the blanket. It is a bit different from the typical pink...but that is what I like about it...
I will post pictures soon. Oh yeah, I also got my swap package the other day. Wait to you see all the goodies I got!
Just got my November/December issue of Crochet Today and I have only thumbed through it fast. But, there is some beautiful things in there that I would love to make someday. I have to work on some of my Christmas gifts too.