Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Crocheting along

Hello there. It has been a very busy week or so...and life is getting back to normal. We had a very nice Thanksgiving feast at my parents house. It was unseasonably warm...around 67 degrees F. So, it felt a bit weird...not being cold. I can remember from years past, when my hubby(then high school sweetheart), Father in law and I would always go to our local high school football game. We would freeze out there. I can remembering not liking coffee at that time (wow...that has certainly changed) and buying a large hot cocoa instead. No, not last Thursday. We turned off our heat and opened all the windows. Bizarre.

So...I finally started my grandmothers throw. I definitely got into the groove this long weekend. I was very tempted to bring my crocheting to my mother's house on Thanksgiving, but decided it was not appropriate to crochet my grandmothers throw in front of her. It is about 20 inches side so far. I am getting there. I am adapting this pattern. I am using the recommended colors...cream and burgundy. I think it will come out very nicely.

I have not started my Christmas shopping yet. I am still not in the holiday spirit yet. I think once we decorate the house, trim our tree....and write our Christmas cards....maybe I can start to think about playing Santa. I was very tempted to get up before dawn and hit the early bird sales....but that did not happen. I most likely do the bulk of my shopping when my youngest is in school or during a weeknight. Weeknights seem to be a lot less crowded. Until next time...

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Crochet motivation

Boy...do I need some. I have projects that desperately need to be worked on...Christmas projects to be exact. I have them all planned out...yarn already purchased....just need to get my mojo on. Hopefully, I will have more to report on the next time I blog. Scratch that....I WILL have progress to report on...and pictures to keep me accountable. Looking foward to the short school week next week. Here in the States we celebrate our Thanksgiving Holiday next Thurday. MMMMMMMM...if I close my eyes long enough I can almost taste the stuffing, and blueberry pies!!!!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Wanna see crochet on T.V.?

I do. And I am disappointed that The Knit and Crochet Today Show is not airing in the Boston area. I actually am quite surprised. So if you are interested in having it come to your PBS station.....click here and fill out your region. I have read different critiques of the show....but I would like to find out for myself!

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Sox Mania

And no....I am not talking about the Boston Red Sox for once! I have actually attempted to make a sock. Yes, I have tried socks before. The question is.....have I ever finished one? Best yet....have I even got past the cuff? The answer is no. I have borrowed from the library the book Crocheted Socks by Janet Rehfeld and Mary Jane Wood. I attempted to start the cuff of a sock...and that is as far as I got. I just got frustrated because I just could not wrap my head around how to turn a heel...and what is thing called a gusset? Well....one of my favorite blogs Needles and Things is going bananas for socks. Needles loves making socks. She gets all this great sock yarn and is feverishly making socks for family members. As I scratch my head....I wonder...what is all this buzz about socks? I mean, I have seen some absolutely beautiful handmade socks online and in books. I must give this sock thing a try...and not give up after the cuff. So, the other day I was checking out some great crocheted socks on Ravelry. I came across this pattern called Snow Day socks. I actual had the the December 2006 Crochet Today that the pattern was in and also found it online. I thought they looked just darling so I decided to buy the suggested sock yarn, Moda Dea Sassy Stripes in Rugby Red, and give it the ol' college try. This is what is transforming in front of my eyes.

Now I know, I know.....it looks more like a Christmas stocking than a sock...but take a close look. I actually turned the heel...and check out the ribbed cuff...I am impressing even myself...hehehhehehhe. It is not the best yarn to work with....but I absolutely love, love, love how the striping pattern is turning out. Hmmmmm, any one know of any good sock yarn that would pattern like this?????

As to why it is coming out sooooo big....I honestly did a gauge swatch, so I don't know why. I did choose the largest size to make...but maybe I needed to go down one size. I am not done yet...but I may be finishing the toes tonight!

I have also been busy THINKING a lot about Christmas gifts that I could make. I am wondering if I should make my grandma an afghan. I think she would love to wrapped in something that I made for her. As my boys say...."love in every stitch." I bought some rainbow multi colored yarn to make a swatch for another block afghan. I know, I publicly proclaimed I would not do another afghan that needs to be put together....BUT...I may have to break my own rule. We'll see. Bernat makes a pink camouflage yarn....that may be a cool afghan..but maybe not so appropriate for my 85 year old grandma. I'll have to do some more pondering! Bye for now.