Saturday, August 30, 2008

Antique shopping

I have to say...before this summer, I have never been antique shopping. I have seen countless antique stores and never really given two thoughts about it. About a month or so ago...A friend and I went antique shopping. It was like a candy store! Wow, I saw so many things that I wanted....well, i guess that really would not take much since I like just about everything. Especially if it is to clutter my home even more than it is....perfect! I saw some really fascinating things! I found an old spinning would have been just perfect in my new craft room for decoration...but I declined. I saw lots of old photographs that were interesting. I found some one's little black book even! But, what caught my eye...and my pocketbook, was some old crocheted doilies. That is something that I have not even attempted to make yet. I think the works of old doilies are beautifully handcrafted...but I just can't imagine attempting yet. Look at some of the things I picked up! A lot of the pieces were I soaked them overnight in some oxyclean and then blocked and pinned them to dry flat.

Then, I found a beautiful piece that was probably used for a hot plate.....

I am also in the process of redoing my kitchen over in roosters! And I found these....

And the best part...I got to haggle for all my prices!!! What fun! Oh yeah, I also bought a couple of old crochet hooks that I think are made out of bone or ivory. Pictures to come soon!


Lupie said...

Your work is awesome and I love your Blog. I'll vistit often.

Needles said...

Wow those are great pictures.

Do try your hand at lace. Really. You will be amazed. Start with a bit of Lustersheen if you can get it. Or something sockweight, then move on down to thread. but be prpared to amaze yourself.

Now I must go back and look some more at the centerpices. Just lovely.

Anonymous said...

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