Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Summer Vacation is Over

This is what greeted us as we walked outside this morning. A friedly little spider. Look at him, he is furry......eeeeeeeeks.

Today was the first day of first grade for my son C. Morning came early and the bus arrived at the bus stop promptly at 8:00 A.M. This is the first full day of school for C. Last year was only a half day. So, he had recess and lunch today for the first time. I packed his lunch and told him that I put a special suprise on his napkin and to think of me when he sees it. It was a smiley face sticker!!!! After a long day, he came home and changed into shorts and had some snacks. He had a good day. Liked his new teacher, reunited wth some old friends and met some new ones. Now mom can rest assured since the first day is out of the way. Below are some pictures waiting for the bus. When I went to Walmart last night for some last minute school supplies, I picked up a Boston Red Sox t-shirt for him. IHe was so excited. It was his only request for new clothes. Sport shirts.

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Needles said...

Gina, long may that last. I had one son who, when shopping felt that if it couldn't all be done in one trip in one store, it wasn't worth doing. He still is like that today.

I remember the first day for each of them. It wasn't that long ago, and yet...

Mine are all 6 feet tall, 23, 25, and 27.
I have to ask myself what happened to my babies? but babies grow. Enjoy them at every stage.

FYI, what a cutie.