Friday, August 3, 2007

A night with the Yarn Harlot

Last night, I had the rare opportunity to listen to Stephanie Pearl-Mcphee aka The Yarn Harlot in Burlington, Massachusetts! She was a riot. I laughed harder than I did in a long time! It took me about an hour and a half to get there (lots of traffic), but it was well worth it. I got there almost an hour in a half early...but it was good because I got to get a good seat, and one of the first tickets to be called for the book signing. I felt a little weird pulling out my crochet in a room full of knitters, but I did. I even met some of the people around me like Kim. Kim teaches 3rd grade, and gave me a little lesson on knitting. Hmmmmmm....maybe some day I'll get it. Thanks Kim!

As I was standing in line, I met Jess, one of the creators of Ravelry. She was so sweet and told me to have some more patience about getting my invite to Ravelry. She said they are trying real hard to get things going. She was so excited talking about the new site. It makes me want even more to get my invite. A couple of more weeks.

I bought Stephanie's newest book on CD. I figured that way, I can listen as I crochet. I had her sign her Knitting Rules book. I said to her when I finally made it to the head of the line...."before you sign this, you must know that I am a know, one of THOSE people!" She laughed and said...."hey, we're cousins!" I had such a good night! And remember, the Harlot does not knit for crack hoes!


two sticks and yarn said...

Cute Blog! Email me and I will send you the picture of Stephanie!

Needles said...

I am really trying not to be jealous that you got to see her. Its a good thing I had a nice glass of wine that evening so I wouldn't think about it. I'm even more jealous that she is in Halifax tonight.

I'll get over it, really I will.