Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Mail call

I have patiently waited for my anniversary present to arrive in the mail for about 8 weeks. Today was the day the package arrived in my mailbox. I am lucky to receive these great custom crochet hooks by Sonshapes. They are made with ebony wood, and engraved with my name on them. The picture to the left is the engraved box the hooks came in. The hooks are super light weight and are super smooth. I want to start collecting hooks. Well, technically I have already started. There are so many unique ones out there made out of many kinds of materials. I already own a metallic set by Boye (my first set), a Soft Touch set by Clover, and a nice set of Bamboo hooks that I purchased off of ebay. My mother-in-law bought me a Skacel Addi in a size J, and I bought myself a birch hardwood Brittany hook in size I. It is funny how I decide on using a particular brand by the type of material that I am working with. For example, I like to match my bamboo hooks with a bamboo yarn. Although sometimes a yarn might be too slick to use with the bamboo hooks. It really all depends. Thank you honey for a wonderful nine years!

If you look hard enough, you can see my name engraved.


Candy said...

aawwww...... I am so jealous, what a wonderful anniversary present!!

Needles said...

Oh Gina, they are lovely.

What a lovely thing to do. He must be a very special fellow.