Sunday, August 26, 2007

Crocheting along

I am feeling like a human again. Yay. I picked up the hook last night as I caught up on listening to my favorite fiber podcasts. I have a couple of favorites, o.k...maybe more than a couple. I listen to Brenda Dayne's Cast on, Webs' Ready, Set, Knit, Jenny and Nicole's Stash and Burn, Marley's Yarn Thing, Guido's It's a Purl, Man, and the Lelly's Knit Pick's podcast. I really enjoy listening to these podcasts when I am crocheting and everyone in the house is sleeping. It is nice to turn the T.V. off...and listen to itunes. I find it extremely interesting about the newest fibers that on the market with the Webs podcast. Actually, I drool when I listen to all the great buys the store has going. They have a good website that photographs the fibers beautifully for perfect color matches, A-1 customer service, and super close out prices. They usually interview someone that is active in the fiber industry be it an author or an editor of a fiber magazine to a president of a successful yarn manufacturer. It is worth a listen too.
I recently started to listen to Stash and Burn...and it makes me realize that I really do not have a stashing problem at all. Jenny and Nicole have huge amounts of yarn. It makes me laugh knowing that they can go into their yarn stash, and find enough yarn to make a sweater. I don't know about your stashes, but I may be lucky to find a complete skein in my collection. I guess I have a lot of one skein and left over skeins. Never enough to do a large project. I get a kick out of their friendly banter back and forth.

I did not mean for this blog entry to become a podcast review, but it is definitely worth the time to download some of these shows for a listen. It keeps you update on fiber trends...and the newest yarns. Enclosed are some pics of the comfort shawl that I am working on. I have about 2 more skeins of Caron Simply Soft to add. I know it is not very exciting pattern, but I think she will enjoy it nevertheless. The third picture is the most color accurate, although thy are all pretty off from the rose color. It is hard to believe that they are the same color at all. must have been the flash on my camera. It was taken at dusk. If there is anything that I learned about blogging, is that my pictures come out the best when they are taken outside with natural light.

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