Wednesday, September 5, 2007

International Crochet Day

That is right....on September 12th, 2007 is the first annual crochet day. SO, I am spreading the word. Jimbo and some others on Crochetville started this. Some people are adding posts to their blogs about the holiday to spread the word; we have folks who are organizing crochet lessons on that day; we have several who are doing special crochet projects for charity; we have posters being made for a church group; we have greeting cards being made; we have a commitment to ROAK (Random Act Of Kindness) someone who has yet to receive one; we have word of mouth promotion. The Mascot for this "holiday" is a nekkid sheep. How cute!
As for my crochet world....I joined the winter scarf swap at Crochetville. I went out and bought all this new yarn for the project. I can not for the life of me make a straight scarf. It should be the easiest of all projects. I have been using stitch markers and everything. Since Sunday, I have started to crochet 4 different scarfs. Did you ever have day, or a couple of days in a row, that you feel like you don't know how to crochet right? I feel like I have never crocheted before. I really don't know what my problem is. UGH. Back to the drawing board. Maybe I should start crocheting dishcloths again. They look straight up and down the sides. HUMPH. A little project that makes me smile because I finish a project in just a sitting or two. Where is my cotton yarn.?.....(rummaging through yarn baskets frantically!!!!!!)

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Needles said...

Oh, that sounds like such a pain. My fall back position is its not you (or me) its the yarn!

Have you thought about going with one of the patterns you have and then solving the crochet edge issue by doing a round or 2 or 3 of something to cover slightly uneven edges? If you use a shell edging, irregularities are invisible. Ask me how I know. As for patterns, after seeing that one shawl pattern, which looks like mostly filet crochet roses (the one with the long fringe and the interesting shaping)at Chrochetville, have you thought about something like that for a scarf? It gives daintiness and airiness to what should be warm. Of course its going to depend on what yarn you use...