Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Yarn review

Moda Dea Vision

Basic Yarn Information:

Fiber content 65% Wool 35% Acrylic
Skein yardage/weight 155 yards, 3.5 oz, 100 g
Recommended hook size/gauge I
How many ply? 2 (I think)
Manufacturer's suggested retail price and/or actual price $4.99
Name and/or URL of store where you purchased yarn AC Moore
Any other places you know of where yarn can be purchased That is the only place that I have seen it so far.

Care of Yarn:
Washing Hand Wash in cold
Drying dry flat
Any special requirements
How does yarn/project look/handle after being cleaned? TBA
Did the color run when washed? TBA

Yarn Characteristics:

How easy is it to crochet with? What about ripping out? Smooth, forgiving yarn after frogging.
Any stretch? a bit
Does it produce fuzz/lint? none
Does it pill? not yet
How does it wear? So far so good
How does it reflect light? Saturates the light
How does it look crocheted? Beautiful
Are any other yarns similar or identical? One of the best Wool/acrylics blends I have used so far.
Project Specifics:

What did you make with the yarn? Scarf and mittens
What hook size did you use? j
Are simple stitches best? How do complex stitches look? Does not show stitch definition.
Describe drape of finished project This project had wonderful drape...not stiff at all.
What other types of projects would this yarn work well for? Winter apparel like scarves, hats, mittens, slippers, shawls
Is there any project this yarn would not be suited for? Cooler weather garments. Too warm.

I really was pleasantly surprised that this yarn worked up so smoothly. It never split. After just working with Noro Silk Garden (Silk, wool), I liked working with Visons much more. Visions had a much softer feel to it and worked up better. Not a perfect comparison because they are made out of different materials....but this is my assessment.

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Needles said...

I saw this on crochetville when I was tooling round there yesterday. Nice review. I was looking into to some Moda Dea yarns the day before. I'll watch for this.

You know, all week I kept tracking the days by your posting of international crochet day, and then yesterday I forgot. Feeling pretty sheepish.