Sunday, June 22, 2008

Stress, stress and more stress

I have not forgotten about all of you! Life has gotten crazy and has decided to take me a long with it. Last Friday I got in a car accident. Everyone is is a little bruised and nerves were a little shaken up. Wouldn't ya know it, I hit a woman who's daughter is in my son's first grade class. Hmmmm, talk about 6 degrees of seperation!

Then that foloowing Monday, I found out my Dad went into the hospital with fluid in his lungs. They concluded he was in congested heart failure and needed added oxygen. He is thankfully home, but need to walk around with oxygen. Pretty much a life style change for sure.

But...I have crocheted a few things in the last couple of weeks! First off, my nephew Joey was born on June 2!!!! This is what I made him!

It was a fun and easy stitch...a an extended single stitch with a G hook. It was originally intended for a bolero for me...but as I was half way through with it...I decided that it would make a fabulous baby blanket. I did single crochet around the border...and then added some ruffles. My SIL really liked it...and what was the best is...he was using it the other day! Glad this week is over!


Needles said...

The blanket is sweet, Gina.

I do hope these little set downs remain just that. Little! Summer is on, the Kids are home, and that always meant freedom to me.

Jasmine's Mommy said...

I'm glad to read that everyone is ok! Hopefully the rest of your summer will be less stressful! That is a very nice blanket, what a lucky recipient!