Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Snow day....

Well, we had our first snow day of the school year. It was a nice way to extend a weekend!

The kids had fun playing in the snow and building snowmen as I crocheted!!!!! I have been busy the last few weeks crocheting, but really nothing to show for it. I ripped out my Kimono Shrug at three times due to my sides not lining up. But thanks to the people responded, especially Ghost...I think I have fixed my problem...Thanks.

Well...then I received some of my order from Webs. 13 skeins of Berrocco Ultra Alpaca (the rest is on back order ). I decided to put my Kimono down, and start something else. I ordered the Boboletta Cacoon Sweater pattern from Gourmet Crochet. Then, I received my order from Joann.com which included a ball winder. Oh, boy...what fun. So, to make a long story short....I decided to ball up some Ultra Alpaca and start the Boboletta. Currently that is what I am working on now. I will definitely take pictures on my progress and the beautiful yarn as soon as I get new batteries for the camera!

I also destashed my Noro Silk Garden to make a scarf. I have made the Shelly scarf from Crochet Me, about three times now. It is a real easy pattern, and the results are beautiful. I decided it was time to make one for me. I don't know how I feel about this yarn. I am hoping it will soften up after washing it. It is a bit scratchy...and now that I am writing this....it probably not the best yarn to wrap around my neck. Hmmmmm, going to have to rethink this one.

My hubby asked for me to make him a hat. I have never made a hat before, except for my Cranium hat. I was looking at Crochet Garden's Thick Warm Crocheted Winter Hat. So, that is a project for another day.

I think that crocheted cables are the "new" crochet thing. I have noticed them in a lot of designs. I am going to have to practice these, because I am not finding them that easy. Have you noticed a lot of cables?? In the next weeks or so I will be reviewing a couple of books that I received for Christmas. Oh, great fun!!!!!


Needles said...

If you have any problem, just let me know. They are a little confusing based if you have not worked in a continuous round before. Make a swatch, an ordinary square one. Normally when you work back across, you are seeing the stitches oriented one way. Now turn it to the side you just worked. Look at how the place you would normally work into appears on the just worked side. I'm not sure If I'm explaining it right, but it may make you feel as if you are working behind the loop you should be working into. Maybe a tutorial is in order. I'll see if I can find something.

Jasmine's Mommy said...

What a wonderful way to spend a snow day, crocheting...speaking of snow...we actually got some snow today! Yes, here in Georgia!!!
I love the new pattern your working on, it's beautiful and I can't wait to see it on you! :D
I'm always on the look out for good crochet books so I'll be looking forward to your reviews.
Have a great day!!!

Lesalicious said...

Looks like you have been busy and have lots of upcoming projects, can't wait to see your crochet cables. I know it will be nice. Thanks for the bday wishes:)

Anonymous said...

Yeah for you!!! So glad to help. And thanks for the link. Happy hooking friend. Love your picture btw.