Monday, October 22, 2007

World Series 2007

Boston Red Sox Rock!!!!!!

If I am not listening to a podcast while I crochet, then I am watching the Red Sox. I got kinda used to it...since May. All summer long...AC on, fan sox on, crochet hook and yarn....what a perfect night. Even if I am not watching PerSe, then I am definitely listening to the crowd cheer and chant and the crack of the bat against a home run ball. We won the AC LS last night against the Cleveland Indians, and now we are in the race to the World Series starting on Wednesday night in Fenway Park, Boston. Home field advantage. You should see how many rows I did last night while watching the "winner takes all" games last night. Some say it was a nail biter kinda game, and I how fast and nervously I can crochet! GO SOX!!!!!!!

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