Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Works in mind

Sorry that I have not blogged in a while. I have been meaning to take pictures of some stuff I have been working on...but every time I think of doing it....it is dusk and I need the natural sunlight to take decent photos. Since I have blogged, I have bought some nice yarn. I was dying to try the new Moda Dea yarn called Bamboo Wool. Oh my...this is so soft...and has a wonderful drape. I bought the color called Chili Pepper Red. I am in the process of making my sister-in-law a scarf. She is the only person I know that wears scarfs on a regular basis. She will use it for warmth and for an accessory. On the Moda Dea website they give 8 reasons to love bamboo.
BAMBOO is an amazing fiber. Here are just a few reasons why you'll love it.
Eco-friendly – a renewable resource (Bamboo can reach a mature height of 75 feet within in two months)
Naturally anti-bacterial
Odor resistant
Breathable and cool
3 times more absorbent than cotton
Durable and strong, yet has a silky hand

I also bought some Moda Dea Silk Wool blend. I bought 6 skeins in plum to make myself a shawl. I want a shawl so I can wear in the morning when I wake up and have my coffee on my front steps. So, I need to find a pattern for a shawl that isn't too lacy. I have tried to start this shawl three times now, but I just can not find the right pattern for this yarn. It is a nice yarn that is super squishy and has a nice stretch to it. Funny, because a couple of weeks back I had bought Noro Silk Garden for a scarf. The Silk Garden that is also made up of wool and silk. I actually like Modea Dea's version a lot better. And of course I like the the price and yardage better. I was a bit disappointed in the Silk Garden. I was surprised how much I did not like the feel. Although, I do love the beautiful colorways. I really wanted to love the Silk Garden. I have read so many good things about it....but it just didn't jive with me.
My friend's sister just had a baby girl Eva and I was thinking about making her a baby blanket. Looking deep in my stash for this one. I do have some beautiful purple TLC Essentials an acrylic yarn that I think would work perfectly for the blanket. It is a bit different from the typical pink...but that is what I like about it...
I will post pictures soon. Oh yeah, I also got my swap package the other day. Wait to you see all the goodies I got!
Just got my November/December issue of Crochet Today and I have only thumbed through it fast. But, there is some beautiful things in there that I would love to make someday. I have to work on some of my Christmas gifts too.

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