Sunday, July 22, 2007


This is what I have been working on lately for a mindless project that works up quickly and gives some sense of completeness and accomplishment. I was wondering what I could do with all of the great cotton that I received from my summer cotton swap partner. I asked for single colored ones, so I could test out different kinds of cotton brands. But, there is not enough for a project like a hat or something. Dishcloths and washcloths are a perfect project for these skeins of cotton!!!!!!! The one on the right is made from the new Sugar and Cream twists. I have never made them before. I got the pattern from here. The next picture shows some great stitch definition that makes for some great texture perfect for a dab of shower jel! The red one is being made out of Peaches & Cream. It is also a very portable project that I actually brought it with me Friday to the kids swimming lessons at the pond. I only got a little sand on it.

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