Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Blessed with the best

Warning...This post is image heavy!!!

The mailman left a package waiting on my front porch this afternoon. I could not believe it, but my summer cotton swap package arrived already. (Thanks for the priority shipping!) Mary Jo (aka Tampa Doll) from Crochetville really did out did herself with my package. I am overwhelmed with her thoughtfulness. As I opened my package, my boys were looking over my shoulder to see what I received. The first bag was labeled "For the Boys". She filled a bag with lollipops and crocheted snakes and ant and a spider. Cameron exclaimed "Wow...she really crochets good!" They were thrilled. I am touched that she thought about my kids. Note: The kids went to sleep with their creatures :)

Then...I got to my stuff!!!! I first found this little crocheted doll. Isn't she so cute?

Lilacs are my favorite flowers...cardinals remind me of my grandfather and the G-I-N-A necklace is such a cute touch. As I continued on...I found some lovely, lovely cotton yarn in the greatest colors. I received 2 Sugar 'n Cream Denim Twists, 2 Sugar 'n Cream natural twists,1 Sugar n' Cream Crafter's Cotton, 3 Peaches & Creamin Pink Lilacs, 1 Peachs & Cream in each of the following colors: Yellow, Daisy Ombre, White, Lilac Ombre, Red and Baby Green. 2 Bernanat Cool Crochet inTie Dye Shades, Bernant Dewdrops in white, and a huge 1 pound Peaches & Cream in purple/white.

And it does not stop there.... I got a booklet of dishcloth patterns, Hooked on Crochet Magazine, Tear off Patterns from Peaches & Cream, An Elmore- Pisgah Catalog, and an Almond Joy/Mounds cookie recipie...YUM. Aren't I a lucky girl?Thank You so much Mary Jo...this has been awonderful first swap experience.

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Shell said...

wow Gina, LUCKY! and rightly so. can't wait to see what you make from it