Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Crocheting along

Hello there. It has been a very busy week or so...and life is getting back to normal. We had a very nice Thanksgiving feast at my parents house. It was unseasonably warm...around 67 degrees F. So, it felt a bit weird...not being cold. I can remember from years past, when my hubby(then high school sweetheart), Father in law and I would always go to our local high school football game. We would freeze out there. I can remembering not liking coffee at that time (wow...that has certainly changed) and buying a large hot cocoa instead. No, not last Thursday. We turned off our heat and opened all the windows. Bizarre.

So...I finally started my grandmothers throw. I definitely got into the groove this long weekend. I was very tempted to bring my crocheting to my mother's house on Thanksgiving, but decided it was not appropriate to crochet my grandmothers throw in front of her. It is about 20 inches side so far. I am getting there. I am adapting this pattern. I am using the recommended colors...cream and burgundy. I think it will come out very nicely.

I have not started my Christmas shopping yet. I am still not in the holiday spirit yet. I think once we decorate the house, trim our tree....and write our Christmas cards....maybe I can start to think about playing Santa. I was very tempted to get up before dawn and hit the early bird sales....but that did not happen. I most likely do the bulk of my shopping when my youngest is in school or during a weeknight. Weeknights seem to be a lot less crowded. Until next time...

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Needles said...

Gina good to get a start on the projects isn't it. I've no holiday feeling yet, but I am hopeful, because if I don't decorate this weekend, then it ain't going to happen.

Meanwhile, knit knit for me on socks.